Customer support and CRM

Nowadays, when the user has a large and varied selection of choices available to them, what prevails in their decision are nuances which we understand.

For this purpose, we use our own Significo 360 omnichannel communication platform. Together with the professionals from our team, Significo 360 provides a 360-degree insight into the management of our clients’ customers, but also a timely response in cases such as complaints or various crisis situations.

The main advantages of our customer support and CRM product are: resolving all customer inquiries of customers and clients, processing complaints according to urgency, automatic generation of reports according to need and urgency, fast call evaluation and call results in real time.

We are always looking for and proposing potential solutions to clients to improve the process and user experience based on information obtained from customers, users, or clients.

Business need / problem

Major benefits

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