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Next generation business solution, the self-developed software, along with the local team, knowledge, and a long-term experience from different industries give us the confidence that we can implement our products and solution in the most efficient possible way, regardless of the different specifics of our clients.


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Meet one omnichannel platform for all your needs. Significo 360

All products and solutions support all channels of interaction with clients: Phone, E-mail, Chat, Whatsapp, Video and Social networks

SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Social media

Real time statistics inside the Significo 360

User data verification


solving of the first level according to the defined responsibility

Monitoring efficiency

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We gather all interactions through different channels

Order taking

Various types of queries and priorities


All interactions are recorded and processed through the CRM system


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With Cloud based CRM solution, Multichannel integration and Complete customer profile insight you can get Real-time reporting and analytics. Monitor all customer interactions on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Turn customer feedback into profit

Customers in the retail industry expect an instant resolution or they’ll easily walk away to a competitor. Retail businesses need to rely on quality customer support to enhance the shopping experience and boost repeat purchases.

We provide the ultimate solutions in a way to enhance your everyday customer interaction. Our omnichannel communication platform allows you to manage all communication channels simultaneously and never miss out on any customer inquiries.

Together with our professional and educated customer support employees we deliver the ultimate customer experience, collect customer data and provide real-time reports.

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Next-level customer support for your eCommerce business

Exceeding customer expectations with a speedy, relevant, and authentic response is a great way to further distinguish yourself from the competition – especially during those important peaks throughout the year (e.g., Christmas shopping, Black Friday sales, Single's Day, etc.).

Significo customer support team provides eCommerce brands with the perfect means to enhance the shopping experience. We believe that communication with customers through all communication channels is crucial to ensure the highest quality of service and raising the level of satisfaction of your customers.

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We build smiles for your customers

Similar to most industries, travel and hospitality deal with fierce competition and is one of the most demanding in terms of comprehensive communication and customer support 24/7/365.

A complete and positive experience starts with customers support team that can provide prompt reaction to all calls, emails and messaging requests. The omnichannel customer expects the same level of customer service, regardless of the point of contact. Because they can have several interactions with a brand over a short time span, Significo provides brands a complete contact history in order to provide context to a conversation.

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The science of customer support

Patient satisfaction is increasingly considered an essential element in evaluate the quality of health care services. Professional support team adds value to the quality of communication between the healthcare institution and the patient in order to improve existing level of service and enhance communication with patients.

We believe that communication with patients is through all channels communications - phone, email, live chat, chat applications, social networks - essential in order to offer the highest quality of service and raise the level of satisfaction of your patients.

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Customer support that drives your business

Car brands all over the world have recognized the importance of quality customer support and the way it contributes to increasing sales and brand value on the market. High levels of competitiveness within the industry highlight customer satisfaction, prompt communication, and 24/7 availability as key elements of future growth.

In order to ensure growth, it is imperative for car companies to focus on optimizing internal procedures and workflow. Significo customer support team can help your brand by increasing customer satisfaction, better managing teams and departments, increasing BRAND, and ultimately ensuring you don't miss out on any opportunities.

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What our clients say...

Significo has been our trusted partner for several years. Implementing the SIGNIFICO360 CRM solution, together with the contact center agents, ensured that we did not miss any potential opportunities with our customers and clients, thus making Significo a part of our daily processes. Our partnership increased the quality of our customer service and a higher level of customer experience, thus consequently ensuring our market growth.

Vedran Prasnikar, Porsche Inter Auto d.o.o.


Significo is our reliable partner to whom we entrust communication with a very important and wide group of customers. They perform a demanding task as we are looking for flawless customer support for all our users of the INA Loyalty program through all communication channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expectations are high and Significo fulfills them very professionally.

Goran Augustinović, INA d.d.

Customer relationship manager director

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