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Small enough to care, big enough to deliver

Our experience working with different industries and companies of all sizes makes us a perfect match for both small businesses with aspirations to become global brands and big corporations that seek to be more agile and deliver a more personalized customer experience.
Either way, we strive ti provide added value to our partners in a way that ensures the highest level of service based on ISO standards across all communication channels.
All day, every day.


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Our Story

Over the past 16 years, Significo has reshaped, transformed, and grown. By establishing a strong foundation as a sales organization and delivering superb results we managed to grow. We'll always be proud to say our sales mindset will always be embedded into our company's DNA.

As our client portfolio grew, so did Significo. We started doing business across various industries, speaking more languages, and growing our business globally. Gradually we reshaped and transformed into a modern customer support company that provides exceptional customer care service for its partners in order to accommodate the growing need for customer interaction across all communication channels.

The art of creating customer experience.

Customers today have higher customer service expectations than in recent years, providing a great customer service experience is no longer a bonus—but a requirement. In order to create the ultimate customer experience we are focused on getting the issue resolved in a single interaction, ensuring a knowledgeable customer service representative, and keeping a complete communication history for every interaction.

Voice, Email, Video, Chat, Social media


products and solutions support all channels of communication with clients, or customer partners

Several foreign languages


solving of the first level according to the defined responsibility

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Core Strenghts

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Customer centricity

If you want your business to excel, then you will know that the customer will be at the heart of all you do. The customer should be at the center of all decisions related to delivering products, services, and experiences to create customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Our aim is to deliver the ultimate customer experience and serve as a customer support hub for omnichannel customer behaviour.
Customer-centric means anticipating a customer’s wants, needs and communication preferences.

Omnichannel approach

Customers expect a consistent experience across customer service channels and often don't take a linear path when interacting with a business, meaning they might use a mobile app, email and a phone call to customer support in the course of a single interaction. All our business solutions, products and services addresses these expectations by having the right technology in place.

Agility and flexibility

We nurture the balance between agility, to be able to quickly react to unpredictable changes, and flexibility, as a predetermined response to a predictable change. Whether there is a need to change existing processes, we aspire to be able to quickly change what's necessary and draw upon our previous experience to improve and adapt the new ones.

Industry know-how

A combination of more than 15 years of experience and insights gathered from a large number of industries makes us confident in our ability to provide guidance on all matters related to customer support issues. We firmly believe that the experience of working alongside our partners to meet their goals and solve their challenges has enabled us to be better and more efficient every day, and to constantly learn and progress.

Digital transformation

The recent digital trends are all about focusing to improve the client experience and CRM’s play a significant role in successful digital transformation. Driven by our experience and led with a team of IT experts we have succesfully developed our cloud-based CRM software – SIGNIFICO360.
SIGNIFICO360 both contains and integrates VoIP platform and omnichannel communication along wiht data, analytics, and tools, thus providing profound insights into your customer base and the ability to drive stronger communications, customer engagement and strategic decision making.

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